What describes me ?

We were told to take 5 pictures that describe us the best 

I’m a person who loves a beautiful view I love to see how the clouds move and how just doing nothing but sitting and gazing away in the beautiful sky can make you feel, it helps you find the real you and changes many things within you

I love dogs, They are the most adorable creatures I have ever seen, playing with the can take your entire stress away of the whole day, they mak you feel wanted and you make you feel like they will always be there for you, love them and they’ll always protect you

A little cliché and a little old school but that’s what describes me the  best, I’m not a very tech person but I love vintage and antique things, I’d prefer typing on this than a laptop for sure 

Travel; It’s one thing all should to do always keep their heart at work and a fresh mind to battle life each day, it’s so starnge how just 4-5 days at an unknown place with unknowns ways and languages you can enjoy so much. I love you explore and see the style and culture each place offers

I love to watch movies, I have to see atleast one movie in one week in a theatre with good popcorn, it’s so fascinating so see the same poeple play so many different roles it’s fun to relate to them at times or too completely hate them


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