6chatpers of my life

We were told to write 6 chapters of our lives that have affected us in good/bad manner and shaped us and convert them into 3D models with the use of filecard

Chapter1: exposure 

This chapter is about me changing my school in grade 6 I believe this changed my life as I give most of the credit to who I am today cause of the place I spent the best years of my life 

Chapter2: These things happen

During my school life I went through this phase where I got ragged and bullied by some of my classmates, for being with someone which deeply affected me I stopped going to school I stopped interacting with people, but not soon enough I had the courage and support of my family and a couple of my friends who helped me over come this 

Chapter3: Monday everyday

I live in family with my mom dad brothers, sister in laws and two of my newphews, my brothers are my most special to me and they come above my parents for me, my oldest brother went through a phase in this life where he had a divorce and got a lot of trouble wrong his wife and had to face too much which deeply affected my family n me 

Chapter4: Fate

This chapter talks about my mom’s accident, and it’s very important why the chapter’s name is fate as my mom came to pick me for tution on a regular day and opened the door and told her to shifted but she didn’t so I sat on the other side and while getting out of the building and a huge truck hit the car on the side my mom was sitting, which cause her a bed rest for 3 months and a huge surgery on her shoulder I yet wonder if that day I was sitting in her place I wouldn’t be here or would be here in a horrible condition, she was my angel who protected me


I have been with someone for 3 years now, and has changed my life in many ways, it has taught me a lot of things  and made me believe that there is someone who always has your back other than your family


My last chapter and the most recent one is based on my 1 years old nephews , and has taught me what unconditional love means and how innocently someone can mean so much to you


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