Dorris lessing: Talking The Self

After listening to dorris lessing’s talk, it felt like she was a very different than the other writers cause I noticed one thing the most that she doesn’t write for others she writes for herself, she doesn’t care if people like what she writes or no she is going to write it either ways. This is one of the things I loved the most about her. She isn’t pretentious at all, she mentioned that she isn’t one of the writers that shows she is very busy writing when she isn’t, she believes in keeping it real She has a very powerful mind and strong approach to things

I feel, I’m not sure but I think they talk about magicrealism as the interviewer tells her that she has written about this man who talks about this stupid story at the dinner table about this girl falling into orange juice and soon it’s not silly as she seeing a horrifying version of herself, but then she justisfys she wanted reflect on how she was on the inside, 

This is by far what I grabbed from my understanding from ” talking the self “


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