Who am I?

         My name is Janvi Doshi, I have studied at the D Y Patil International School and Jai Hind College. Just like every person I have good and bad qualities and there are things I enjoy doing and some that I hate doing.    

  Over time I have noticed and been told that in very supportive and friendly even that I’m very unorganized and lazy, even during my PI I was asked my 1 bad quality I said I’m really lazy n I work only under pressure. 
I have a lot of things I enjoy doing like watching movies, I love to swim, I have even been learning how to play the drums which I have really been enjoying but some things like reading or running I really do not like doing. 
So there I told you about me as a person how I am, but who am I? 
    I am who I want to be , I believe that every person has the capability to be what he/she wants to be if they are ready to work that hard for it and give that 100% which is required. There could be some days out of many where I don’t want to do something I love or cause I of a bad mood I’m not what I am everyday but that doesn’t change who I am, I’m only human and me as a person I always want to change for the better every minute of my life I’m changing to be a better person may be in the littlest way but I guess it would help.
       My goal everyday is to become a better person than I was yesterday I want to do things today that my tomorrow self will be thankful for. Sometimes actually for that matter many times I make mistakes many times I’m feeling down and not always at my best that what makes me who I am. I believe that I have something different something unique which every other person out there doesn’t, they could have something I don’t, that is who I am, that is what makes us all of us who we are. No one can be all good or all bad or like doing everything, we like and dislike and have good and bad that’s what makes us who we are.



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