An inside to these things happen

My chapter talks about my phase where I went through depression due to being ragged at school by a couple of my fellow class mates, During this time some emotions I felt like loneliness betrayal, how your own friends can make you feel so unwanted. I wanted time to pass faster than light and at the same time for it to just stop and take me back to when everything was just okay, were there were no complications.

I’d stopped going to school I had lost my will to learn or do anything I just wanted an answer as to why they did this to me when it’s not that big of a deal, I just wanted to know how does anything that anyone else does bother others, I wanted to stay home and just sit all day cause I knew if I went to school it would just bring me down every minute. 
I had been in a shell for all that time I felt trapped, I reached a point where I thought I’d stay like that forever that no one would ever want to talk to me. But it was soon enough where I spend so much time with myself where I knew this wouldn’t help me in anyway, I had to move on I had to come out stronger. That one moment changed me a lot. In the end all you have is YOU. This incident yet leave an impact on me in a good & bad way it has forced me to be an introvert and a little shy but at the same time made me learn that things happen, whatever happens is for good it tough me how to be strong not always will you have someone and there is always a way to be happy you just have to look for it with your have.


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