The artist statement 

The project is about defining the self or at least trying to define the self and the exploration of memory, there are a lot of things she realized in the process of this entire project the topic is so vast but yet so narrow to talk about. its taught us a concept of space time and memory, writing parts of her life that have affected her and shaped her for good and putting them to life in a form of a headgear so when someone else wears it they feel what you felt back then, to put all the emotions troubles and difficulties in to that one piece you would create.
 The aim after making this piece was to make the person who wears it feel stuck up trapped and hurtful, and I think that is what exactly happens when they wear it.
 The chosen materials were evaluated very carefully keeping in mind what and how would it feel, wire mesh and black cloth make you feel trapped negative and stuck up. There is sense of vision but no clear sight of how to get through your troubles. The write up inside the head gear is chosen carefully too, keeping in mind the positivity and negativity of the situation. The strings blocking and creating a web too have an impact of getting the viewer confused when they are trying to read.
In conclusion this chapter has had the most impact and taught her how to always keep pushing forward. Stay strong.



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