Who am I reborn

Who am I, I am the most shy person which could come off as arrogant if someone doesn’t know me, but that’s not who I am I am someone who wants to start the conversation with you, but feels too awkward not cause I’m afraid you will judge me but cause I don’t know if its okay to do that or no.
I’ve had a lot of incidents in my life that have shaped me to be what I am today and there will be a lot of more things that will change me further.
This might sound so cliché but its so true, the bad things are meant to I happen and those are mainly the things that help you come out stronger and make you a much better person for the long run.
I believe in the fact and the theory of David Hums, that you’re just one person but you can never define who you actually are the time and space makes you behave a certain way, but that doesn’t make that your personality. The ‘self’ is a very wide subject to define in a couple of sentences, I have along life I keep changing from one course of time to another, during all of this my past and my memory plays a very important role and that is because only cause of the memory of you’re past which affected has shaped you in what you are today. I also believe in the fact that humans are complicated and very contradicting for example, I could be the most argumentative person when it comes to something I’m very passionate about and on the other one of the most care free person too. 
 I have basic personality, for being very shy sensitive a little introvert and very stubborn too, but these things have come within me as traits cause of the things I have gone through, tomorrow is a new day a new experience which could shape me in a different way and make me have some other traits.
In conclusion I just want to say that I’m very grateful for all the good and bad things that have gone down in my life cause that’s what gives me a unique identity than other, the goal is to better than what I used to be yesterday. 


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