Integrative seminar2 


When we started our semenair 2 course, a question was thrown at us- what, in your opinion is a city and what are the elements that make a city? 

One of the things we discussed was tradition and culture and how the Indian people we are relflects on most of the things we do. 

Accordingly to me the city makes the people, cause people are everywhere but people are different depending on the place. The culture and language plays a huge role too, we live in a place which is diverse and very accepcting of just one thing which are different kinds of culture and from where people come from. 

The architecture and infrastructure shows how developed and growing your city is, the nightlife also makes a city people from different places go place to see the nightlife of the city, one thing my city is callled is the city that never sleeps. It’s magical to see how there is always at anytime someone or the other is creating a memory. 

Last but not the least the heritage places the land marks of the city is how you identify the place, you see the importance of the city with the vitange things it has. The more to get to know the city the more you indulge in it.


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