When did I realise I posses these qualities or oh like doing this

We were told to list down 6qualities or things you like doing and how you realised you like doing them 


I have always known that I am supportive, I’ve always heard my friends and family say it, I’m always down for something someone needs help for, I’ll always be there for someone if they need me in good or bad even if it affects me, I’ve inherited this trait from my dad and brother, he’s always taught me to be supportive n help people out.


I used to never be like this, but some events in my life have pushed me to be this way and I have starts realising it’s better this way, cause every human at some point or the other needs their space and you have to respect that, I believe in being happy as much as you can cause when the troubles come which inevitably will come yo’re going to be upset, so make the most of it “live and let live”.


I am one of the most lethargic and lazy people you’ll see which tells you that I hate physical activities but I’ve learnt swimming since a very young age and continued to practice it. It’s something I’m good at and it makes be feel very stress free and makes be forget every little problem I have. 


I’ve been this way since I was a child there isn’t a point of realising but I have always been told that I was like this and I admit it too. I’d like a day at home with coffee in the bed and just chill in my room than going out and chilling, even during my PI at ISDI I was asked my bad quality I said I was lazy, and I work onlu under pressure which for me works as I work “best” under pressure 


This is one more thing that I love doing, if I don’t go for a movie atleast once a week in a theatre I don’t feel nice, I don’t dislike movies too often, I like all kinds and genres of movies, this is one thing that keeps my mind of things and makes me feel very very light at heart


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